Michael Jensen, founder and President of Market Invasion, LLC is a full-time faculty member at Lackawanna College (www.lackawanna.edu) in the Business Division. Located in Scranton Pennsylvania, Lackawanna offers open enrollment to a variety of certificate, two-year, and four-year degree programs, including business and accounting. Mr. Jensen is also the Director of the Venture Lab – a pre-incubator co-working program providing support to the community’s solopreneurs, freelancers, artists, and authors.

Ajay Suresh from New York, NY, USA [CC BY 2.0]

Student Feedback

While no instructor can be everyone’s favorite, feedback from students who have taken my classes are generally positive. Here are a couple of examples.

“The instructor was knowledgeable and made the coursework enjoyable and interactive. He also made sure the material was received before moving on to the next section.”

eCommerce Student

“Professor Jensen is an awesome and supportive instructor. He includes real life examples to apply the material to for better understanding . Professor Jensen is respectful and thoughtful. He challenges his students to be their best and apply critical thinking skills.”

Entrepreneurship I Student

“Overall, his personal experience on the subject was excellent and he really knew what he was doing and talking about when it came to international business.”

International Business Student

Teaching Philosophy

Business students should strive for competency in the art of commerce. Competency requires a broad understanding of subjects such as economics, history, organizational design, innovation, and global commerce. It also requires a set of professional skills in communication, team building, leadership, and data analysis.

Content mastery can only be gained when students apply their knowledge in practical exercises. Effective teaching incorporates hands-on learning experiences that give students the opportunity to apply business theory. This includes in-class exercises, simulations, and assignments. These activities should reflect the “real world” as much as possible by emphasizing instructions that simulate what students will encounter in an office environment or by working directly with local businesses where possible.



Mr. Jensen worked with small companies and startups in a variety of traded industry sectors, including software, chemicals, coatings, robotics, information systems, publishing, and healthcare. His work has focused on customer and market research, competitor analysis, and product development. In addition, he launched Market Invasion, LLC and is the Director of Lackawanna College’s Venture Lab.

In his entrepreneurship courses, he teaches students how to discover innovative ideas, build effective startup strategies and business models, engage with customers in product and service development, launch companies, and protect their ideas. In Entrepreneurship I, students work on their business models and plans using the NEPA Business Plan Competition guidelines. In Entrepreneurship II, students practice their entrepreneurship skills by working with a startup company and starting a simulated company on a virtual platform.

International Business

Mr. Jensen has over 6 years of international business experience, including living and working in Brussels, Belgium for 4.5 years managing global business development and project management activities. He led multinational project teams in Africa, Europe, and the Middle East. In his International Business and Global Management classes, he walks students through a practical exercise to analyze a global market opportunity, create an international business strategy, and navigate challenges to plan execution. While many students may not end up overseas, the modern business environment is increasingly diverse and internationally connected. Learning how to communicate and manage across cultures is an important discipline for today’s managers and business leaders.


Mr. Jensen started his professional career as a research assistant. He has extensive experience analyzing complex business data sets using Excel and Geographic Information Systems (GIS). In his research classes, he strives to provide students with a set of specific skills and analytical tools for gathering and analyzing data to find real business insights. These skills are increasingly important for management decision-making.


Mr. Jensen teaches a variety of business management courses, including Principles of Management, Introduction to Business, eCommerce, and Organizational Behavior. Classes focus on highlighting practical lessons with hands-on exercises, in-class activities, and simulations. Where possible, students work with real companies to apply knowledge gained in the course.